Saturday, November 02, 2013


In this POLITICO article, another GOP super-genius opines:
Republican Governors Association executive director Phil Cox, whose group has spent nearly $8 million boosting Cuccinelli, firmly rejected the idea that the Virginia race reflected any limitations of conservative ideas.

“It’s not about nominating less conservative candidates, moderating our messaging or changing our principles. It’s about effectively connecting with voters on issues they care about,” Cox said.

Rush Limbaugh, "The Big Voice on the Right," is carried by many Vriginia radio stations so the claim that Baggers can't get their message out is ridiculous:
Blacksburg WFNR 710 M-F 12p-3p
Charlottesville WCHV 1260 M-F 12p-3p
Charlottesville WCHV 107.5 MoFr 12p3p
Fredericksburg WNTX 1350 MoFr 12p3p
Harrisonburg WKCY 1300 M-F 12p-3p
Lynchburg WLNI 105.9 M-F 12p-3p
Norfolk WNIS 790 M-F 12p-3p
Onley-Onancock WESR 1330 M-F 12p-3p
Richmond WRVA 1140 M-F 12p-3p
Roanoke WFIR 960 M-F 12p-3p
Tazewell WTZE 1470 MoFr 12p3p
Waynesboro WKCI 970 M-F 12p-3p
Winchester WINC 1400 MoFr 12p3p
Woodbridge WMAL 105.9 MoFr 12p3p

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