Monday, November 18, 2013


Sec. Hagel has been moaning about the sequester cuts to the DoD but he doesn't tell people about the HUGE increase in the DoD budget in this century:
Reuters has begun a series on Pentagon waste and some of its findings are remarkable:
“We have about $14 billion of inventory for lots of reasons, and probably half of that is excess to what we need,” Navy Vice Admiral Mark Harnitchek, the director of the DLA, said at an August 7, 2013, meeting with aviation industry executives, as reported on the agency’s web site.

Consider the “vehicular control arm,” part of the front suspension on the military’s ubiquitous High Mobility Multipurpose Vehicles, or Humvees. As of November 2008, the DLA had 15,000 of the parts in stock, equal to a 14-year supply, according to an April 2013 Pentagon inspector general’s report.

And yet, from 2010 through 2012, the agency bought 7,437 more of them - at prices considerably higher than it paid for the thousands sitting on its shelves.
This alone cost more than the Obamacare computer system:
The Air Force’s Expeditionary Combat Support System was intended to provide for the first time a single system to oversee transportation, supplies, maintenance and acquisitions, replacing scores of costly legacy systems. Work got under way in 2005. Delays and costs mounted. In late 2012, the Air Force conducted a test run. The data that poured out was mostly gibberish. The Air Force killed the project.

The system “has cost $1.03 billion … and has not yielded any significant military capability,” the Air Force said in a November 2012 announcement.


Ken Hoop said...

Can we agree that, all told, Hagel has been a disappointment, from either a Kucinich left non-interventionist or Buchanan/Paul right non-interventionist standpoint?

Steve J. said...

That seems about right to me. His whining about the sequester is starting to piss me off.