Friday, December 06, 2013


and I couldn't understand the point he was trying to make:
One-Third of Bank Tellers on Public Assistance
RUSH:  Get this, folks. This is economic news from CBS.  "One-Third of Bank Tellers Rely on Public Assistance."  Bank tellers! They get Medicaid, food stamps.  This is according to the financial industry employee advocacy group, research from University of California-Berkeley.  Bank tellers!  Who would have thought, one-third...? Didn't Obama claim that the ATM was a job killer?  Well, now we know.  Didn't he do that?
There is a good liberal interpretation of this stat (h/t Susan Madrak):
So what’s their excuse this time? With fast food and Walmart, it’s that you’re too stupid to work anywhere else and not worth more money. What do they have to say about the people who run their retail operations?

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