Monday, December 30, 2013


(h/t billmon)

"shit is fucked up and bullshit":
Adam Shatz 29 December 2013
... the American government is fighting Sunni extremists in Iraq, while its allies, notably Qatar and Saudi Arabia, are arming the same Sunni extremists in Syria.


Ken Hoop said...

Moneymaking for the Complex and a way of staying where the US is not wanted by any side.

W Bush was fully aware that "AQ" foreign jihad groups were responsible for way less than 50% of the insurgent attacks when US troops were in Iraq. But his speeches pretended AQ was the only
enemy attacking the troops, so many times did he mention it and so few if any times did he mention resilient homegrown nationalist and Baathist insurgencies.

Anonymous said...

check out the real Benghazi scandal.