Monday, January 06, 2014


P.M. Carpenter caught this bit of moral idiocy from Will:
Now [we conservatives] know that a quicker, surer method [to political dominance] is to have progressives wield power for a few years. This will validate the core conservative insight about the mischiefs that ensue when governments demonstrate their incapacity for supplanting with fiats the spontaneous order of a market society ...
Great Britain provides a stunning example of that "spontaneous" order:
The movement to regulate child labour began in Great Britain at the close of the 18th century, when the rapid development of large-scale manufacturing made possible the exploitation of young children in mining and industrial work. The first law, in 1802, which was aimed at controlling the apprenticeship of pauper children to cotton-mill owners, was ineffective because it did not provide for enforcement. In 1833 the Factory Act did provide a system of factory inspection. SOURCE:  "child labour." Encyclopaedia Britannica. Encyclopaedia Britannica Online Academic Edition. Encyclop√¶dia Britannica Inc., 2014. Web. 06 Jan. 2014.

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