Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Clear Channel decided to move Fats Limbaugh and its other gasbags to a lower powered station in LA, the second largest media market in America.  Perhaps to mollify Fats, they also decided to change the name of the new station to KEIB, after Limbaugh's EIB brand name.
KTLK salutes Rush Limbaugh in new name change

By Richard Wagoner, LA Daily News
Posted: 12/31/13, 9:47 AM PST
Updated: 11 hrs ago

In an apparent nod to Rush Limbaugh — or perhaps an olive branch offered to the host in exchange for moving his show from its longtime flamethrower signal at KFI (640 AM) to the much lower-powered KTLK (1150 AM) — Clear Channel is changing the call letters of KTLK to KEIB. EIB, as in “Excellence in Broadcasting,” the longtime slogan of Limbaugh’s show.

Considering the official on-air name of the new conservative station at 1150 will be “The Patriot,” the “EIB” portion will be secondary.
I'm not sure about KFI having significantly more transmission power than KTLK because radio-locator rates KFI and KTLK as having 50,000 watts during the day.

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