Wednesday, January 29, 2014


In 2011, Fats said:
The market is too vibrant. It's too free flowing, and it's too irrational. The best way to describe the market is it's just irrational.
In 2014, Fats said:
RUSH: If you'll remind me tomorrow, I'll answer that. "So then why don't they make a bigger screen phone? Why don't they make a bigger screen phone like Samsung?" I'll be happy to answer that. Anyway, it's just fascinating. Let's say the average profit on an iPhone sale, I'm gonna pick a number that's close, $300. And so they sold four million fewer phones somebody that's not even in the business thought they were gonna sell, that's $1.2 billion of income they didn't make. The stock is down $40 billion because of this. It's irrational, except the market is rational. That's the thing. There are reasons for this. They might not make sense, but that's markets for you. We could spend an hour on this if I thought you were interested.
The point is not that someone who talks over 10 hours week for his living contradicted himself, the point is that Limbaugh & the other conservative gasbags would be demolished if they were in a real debate.

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