Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I would like to read a defense of these two because they just took regular Fundie teaching a couple of steps further.
Pa. couple sent to prison for 2nd prayer death
By MARYCLAIRE DALE 4 hours ago

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A couple who believes in faith-healing were sentenced Wednesday to 3½ to seven years in prison in the death of a second child who never saw a doctor despite being stricken with pneumonia.

Herbert and Catherine Schaible defied a court order to get medical care for their children after their 2-year-old son, Kent, died in 2009. Instead, they tried to comfort and pray over 8-month-old Brandon last year as he, too, died of treatable pneumonia

Experts say about a dozen U.S. children die in faith-healing cases each year.

The Schaibles are the rare couple to lose a second child that way. Their pastor, Nelson Clark, blamed Kent's death on a "spiritual lack" in the parents' lives, and insisted they would never seek medical care, even if another child was dying.
UPDATE: I found some defenders on the Yahoo News comment thread:

James 5 hours ago
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You may not agree with their religious positions, but they have the RIGHT BY LAW to practice their faith as they see it. The child is THEIR responsibility, not the state's. And I've heard nothing to suggest the child was abused. No, they didn't LET the child die, they did what they believe in to do all they could to heal the child. You don't have to agree with them but BY LAW THAT IS THEIR RIGHT!!! This is just more overreach by a blue state into people's private lives.

A guy 1 hour ago
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If it wasn't for church prayers I probably would have died as a kid. This is just another attempt at making God look bad. Look at those two, do you really think they prayed with faith? The devil has many ways of putting God down, don't fall for it.

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