Saturday, February 01, 2014


and I was very surprised to come across this:
Glenn Beck: Sean Hannity-Mark Levin feud resolved
By TAL KOPAN | 1/31/14 6:32 AM EST

Radio and TV personality Glenn Beck says he has buried the hatchet with fellow conservative talk radio powerhouses Sean Hannity and Mark Levin and that they are coming together to activate their “Wonder Twin powers.”

“There is a stupid feud, and the three of us, Sean and Mark and I, have talked about it and we know where it came from and we know who was feeding us lies about each other,” Beck said Thursday. “And this individual just expected that we would, that if they fed us enough lies about each other, we would never talk to each other, and that way he would be able to divide us and keep the tea party movement at bay and control it as much as he could or destroy it. And we were foolish, and all of us have said to each other … ‘Man, how stupid were we? How did we not see that one?’”
I knew that Mark Levin and Michael Savage had a feud and I know that Levin is a petty, insecure man but I never got a whiff of problems between Beck and Hannity-Levin. About a month ago, I did notice that Beck seemed to be popping up on other conservative media outlets and I suspect that it was an effort to pump his ratings, not a sign that some squabble was over.

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