Monday, February 17, 2014


Tom Taylor's NOW reports that we will have a new talker in Tucson and from the list of hosts, it doesn't seem to be yet another gasbag outlet:
Tucson’s KEVT (1210) goes talk today through an LMA with a group led by Jim Parisi. Tucson Weekly says the local talkshow host/entrepreneur explored several ways to put a new locally-based station on the air, and ultimately found the best way was to LMA Spanish Christian “Radio Vida 1210” KEVT, Sahuarita. The station runs 10,000 watts daytime and 1,000 watts (directional) at night, and remains under the ownership of Armando Zamora’s One Mart Corporation. The talent lineup confirmed so far is Steve Kass, 5-7am, Parisi, 7-10am, John C. Scott, 3-5pm, and Matthew Conde, 5-7pm. Nothing yet for middays. Nights and weekend, they’ll fill in with Fox Sports Radio. Parisi says he’d rather go with sports “as opposed to unknown national hosts overnight, that only people who are political addicts will enjoy...I want to have all kinds of topics.”
Parisi and Scott seem to be moderates and I don't know about Kass & Conde.

UPDATE: This may not be so good after all given the choice for national news:
National news will be provided by Glenn Beck's The Blaze, he [Parisi] said.

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