Monday, February 10, 2014


The CBO Director admits one of the few realistic claims by the wingnuts:
There is a broader question as to whether the society and the economy will be better off as a result of those choices being made available. Even though the individuals making decisions to work less presumably feel that they will be happier as a result of those decisions, total employment, investment, output, and tax revenue will be smaller. (Those effects are included in CBO’s budget and economic projections under current law.) To be sure, the health insurance system in place prior to the ACA generated its own distortions to people’s work decisions, but many of the decisions to work less under the ACA will be made possible by government-funded subsidies, the burden of which will be borne largely by other people.
The Baggers are screaming that Obamacare reduces the incentive to work but they NEVER talk about the increased personal freedom.

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