Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Cathy Herrod is the president of the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) which tries to legally enact  the social views of James "The Bigot" Dobson.  The recent veto of the Bigot Bill was a well-deserved blow to Herrod and the CAP so this new poll had to be discounted by Herrod:
Poll: 3 of 4 Arizonans favor gay marriage, civil unions
Arizona Daily Star
PHOENIX — Three out of four Arizonans support the right of gays to at least form civil unions, if not to wed outright.

A new statewide survey finds 45 percent of the 870 voters surveyed in the last week find nothing wrong with gays to wed. That finding is in line with prior statewide polls done by other organizations.

But what is a surprise is another 32 percent said while they cannot support the idea of "marriage'' for same-sex couples, they believe they should be allowed to form civil unions that provide many of the same legal benefits and recognition.

Cathi Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy, said she does not believe the poll represents how Arizonans would vote two years from now, after she has had a chance to make her case.
Herrod & the CAP have been making their bigoted case for over 10 years but the people of Arizona are no longer buying into Dobsonism.

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