Sunday, April 27, 2014


(h/t Kevin Drum)

Larry Bartels of the WaPo did some data journalism to find out what has become rather obvious: there is a class structure in America.


Ken Hoop said...

found on M o A

Paul Craig Roberts expressed the view in his recent book The Failure of Laissez-Faire Capitalisim that the reason the U.S. has become increasingly hostile to Russia is that the U.S. wishes to prevent a coalition of Europe (especially Germany) and Russia.

Posted by: lysias | Apr 28, 2014 5:14:06 PM | 117

@lysias #117:

That is a common view, because it happens to be true. As you may have noticed, there's currently a thread about that at FDL. I'll try to get a hold of that book.

By hollowing out its manufacturing industry and becoming a net debtor nation, the US got itself into the position that the only way the only way it can maintain its hegemonic status is by using its military power and the international institutions it created after WW II and still controls. The US no longer has anything to offer the world except coercion. If it hadn't relinquished its position of being the world's factory to China (a main theme of Roberts'), it would not have to worry about controlling other peoples' natural resources.

Posted by: Demian | Apr 28, 2014 5:39:59 PM | 118

Steve J. said...

Thanx Ken!