Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Herbert Hoover's book is reasonably objective for a conservative and this selection is a little taste of that objectivity:
One can recite the faulty results of our system at great length; the spirit of lawlessness; the uncertainty of employment in some callings; the deadening effect of certain repetitive processes of manufacture; the 12-hour day in a few industries; unequal voice in bargaining for wage m some employment; arrogant domination by some employers and some labor leaders; child labor in some states; inadequate instruction in some areas; unfair competition in some industries; some fortunes excessive far beyond the needs of stimulation to initiative; survivals of religious intolerance; political debauchery of some cities; weaknesses in our governmental structure.
92 years later, we still have uncertainty and arrogant domination in employment at many American companies, including some of the most well-known such as Wal-Mart:
Workers at a California Wal-Mart warehouse are owed $4.7 million for alleged theft of their wages, under a proposed settlement approved this week by a federal judge. The 568 workers were employed by the WalMart contractor Schneider.
We also have an almost sadistic example of uncertainty & domination at Amazon:
There is not so much as the word "train" or any training period what so ever. There's barely a job description and that will fluctuate. This also is by design. Sink or swim they say. You literally must re-interview for your position, while in that position, constantly. It comes up at least every three months. And you keep getting those reminders that people outside want your job!
You aren't worth anything to that company once you strap on that backpack. Every new employee is better than you and every future employee will do a better job.

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