Friday, June 13, 2014


We can safely ignore all the conservative and neo-conservative criticisms of Pres. Obama on his approach to ISIS in Iraq because they all avoid the real situation:
Which is kind of mind-blowing to contemplate, but if ISIS & Co. are going to be stopped, Iranian ground forces will have to be the core.
Most people forget that Iran is basically on our side in the fight against Sunni extremists.

Here's Obama's real decision point:
Tangle of enemies & allies notwithstanding, decision 4 Obama is actually simple: Should US provide air cover for Iranian Quds Force in Iraq?

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Ken Hoop said...

Obama's on a losing streak-big military hit on Ukranian puppets of US today by Russian-oriented Ukrainians.
You shoulda brought Nuland home early, Barack; better yet, should not have meddled to begin with.