Monday, June 16, 2014


Pat Robertson is known for making psycho statements but once in a while, he seems to snap out of The Crazy and below is another one of those times:
Pat Robertson unloads on Bush for latest Iraq crisis: ‘We were sold a bill of goods!’
By David Edwards
Monday, June 16, 2014 14:00 EDT

During his Monday broadcast, a viewer asked Robertson if there was a solution to the ongoing violence caused by an al Qaeda splinter group, ISIS, threatening to take over Iraq.

“Right now, what we did — and it was a great mistake to go in there,” Robertson explained, pointing out that Saddam Hussein’s “bomb maker” had said that the then-dictator “doesn’t know how to make an atomic bomb.”

“And so to sell the American people on weapons of mass destruction, he had WMD and was getting [concentrated uranium] yellowcake out of Africa and all of that, it was a lot of nonsense,” the TV preacher said. “We were sold a bill of goods, we should never have gone into that country!”

“As bad as Saddam Hussein was, he held those warring factions in check, and he contained those radical Islamists,” he continued. “Fix it, no? It’s too late to fix it. It’s unfixable. Those simmering animosities have been there for centuries.”

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Ken Hoop said...

The asshole Mike McConnell as of a few months ago said "too early to tell" if Bush was right in going in.
McConnell who from Baghdad assured (lied to) WLW and a national audience that the Iraqis liked the occupation and hated the resistance and who predicted a quick victory is being revived by WLW to lull the sheeple into another stupor after failing at WGN.