Monday, June 23, 2014


(h/t CBS News)

Sometimes I think we can't last much longer because of "teh stupid," mostly on the conservative side of the issues but too often on the liberal side.  These poll results remind me that I shouldn't despair:

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Ken Hoop said...

"The horrors inflicted upon the people of Iraq are still understated, and since 2003 the bloodshed has not stopped. When Obama delivered his speech in 2011 celebrating the US military withdrawal, there were bombings and shootings in Baghdad, in Mosul, in Kirkuk and in Tal Afer. While the Iraqi people were preparing burial shrouds Obama was reaffirming the previous administration’s claims that the US left for the Iraqi people a stable country, had forged a lasting peace and made the world more secure."

This should not reassure you, that Obama justified the war,
goes on intervening in Iraq, drone bombs amok, and that Hillary will likely do similar if given the chance.
And the public will accept it until the Empire collapses, soon please.