Saturday, June 28, 2014


Mayfield was vice chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party and implicated in a plot to illegally take pictures of Thad Cochran's wife who has resided in a nursing home since 2001 because of dementia.  He apparently committed suicide and I haven't heard any of the usual suspects say anything about it even though it's been covered by some of the conservative press, such as The Blaze, IBT, Breitbart and The Daily Caller.

Nothing about him turns up on Limbaugh's site or Hannity's.  At FOX News, comments on the article about the suicide are closed AND hidden.

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Ken Hoop said...

Kristol discussed Tea Party versus establishment GOP candidacies today.
He also "won" the Iraq argument with Katrina, check the transcript. She made better points, but when Kristol quoted the phony Obama's speech to the troops, "admitting" that Bush had left Iraq a stable democratic nation, she failed to say..."yes that makes Obama, who displayed either ignorance or cowardice here part of the problem not the solution, in large part because he's afraid of your people's Lobby too much, or actually sympathizes with its wars and policy to keep Israel's enemies
in bloody quagmire."