Saturday, June 07, 2014


This guy isn't a deadbeat rancher but his behavior is consistent with Bundyism:
Video Shows Cops' Shootout With "Sovereign Citizen" at Ga. Courthouse
Adam Weinstein
6/06/14 5:52 PM

Full story via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Dennis Marx, 48, was part of an anti-government group that has been tied to violent attacks on law enforcement around the country, said Forsyth County Sheriff Duane Piper. Marx spelled out his problems with the agency in a lawsuit obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and he was due in court Friday for a hearing on drug and weapons charges, official said.
Instead, they say Marx, armed with multiple explosives and lots of ammunition - and possibly wearing a bulletproof vest and gas mask - drove his SUV up to the courthouse. He threw out homemade smoke grenades, pepper spray grenades and spike sticks in an effort to keep law enforcement personnel from stopping his approach to the courthouse.

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