Sunday, July 06, 2014


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Ooops!...I guess not.  So much for the wingnut theory of "Marxist" Berkeley.
John Yoo and 4 others named endowed law faculty chairs
By Anna Li | Staff
The Daily Californian
Last Updated June 29, 2014

Five UC Berkeley law faculty members, including John Yoo, were announced as UC Berkeley School of Law endowed faculty chairs last week.

In addition to Yoo — who generated controversy after co-authoring legal documents dubbed the “Torture Memos” — Christopher Kutz, Calvin Morrill, Anne O’Connell and Paul Schwartz were recognized in a ceremony last month for their “contributions to legal education and scholarship,” according to a statement from Susan Gluss, a spokesperson for the law school.

Endowed faculty chairs are awarded to professors and deans who are considered distinguished scholars and educators.

“It’s a great honor to hold the oldest chair at the law school,” Yoo, who received the first chair established at Berkeley Law, said in an email.

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