Thursday, July 31, 2014


On July 1st, Fats Limbaugh began pushing the idea that Hillary Clinton's new book was a great big FAIL:
RUSH: There was another apparent entry from Ed Klein today, who is the author of that Hillary book, Blood Clot, that's not in the book. Apparently the story is that Hillary is just despondent and depressed over the massive failure of her book. I mean, she's really down in the dumps, so much so that Bill Clinton has had to come off wherever he is. He's had to come home and he's trying to inspire Hillary.
I initially dismissed this as just the usual Limbaugh bullshit but apparently some people in the MSM couldn't resist running with it:

Hillary Clinton's book sales barely edging out Ben Carson's ...

Hillary Clinton's book sales dropped even faster in week ...

'Blood Feud' vs. 'Hard Choices' in Hillary Clinton Book Battle ...
There was also quite a fuss about Hillary's remark that when she & Bill left the WH, they were almost broke - a true statement considering the massive legal bills that had built up over the previous 6 years.  Her later comment that she & Bill weren't truly rich also received negative coverage despite the pundits' own wealth:
Multimillionaire TV stars asked if voters would support a person as wealthy as Clinton. In response to Clinton’s answers, some of the nation’s most famous pundits launched their famous “gaffe culture.”

The Washington Post even launched a front-page jihad concerning the size of Clinton’s speaking fees. In the New York Times, Maureen Dowd assailed Clinton for her “rapacious” behavior and her “wanton acquisitiveness,” which she was said to be passing along to her daughter.
This poor coverage is far from harmless, as Bob Somersby notes:
Starting in March 1999, Candidate Gore was treated to twenty months of “horrible coverage.” In the main, that coverage came from the mainstream press corps, not from the RNC.

To state the obvious, that horrible coverage sent Bush to the White House. Halperin says it could happen again.


Ken Hoop said...

A neocon versus a neolib.....all post space referrable should be devoted to finding third party anti-Elite choices.

Anonymous said...

Ken Hoop said...

After his virtual abandonment of his father's Israel-critical and non-interventionist positions, I will trade with any progressive a promise not to vote for Rand Paul on receipt of a pledge not to vote for Hillary if either are their parties' respective candidates.