Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I was thinking that saying may explain why flamethrowers like Ann Coulter and dolts like Louis Gohmert get so much attention from the mews media but Media Matters suggests that just the way even the mainstream media is today:
Time has been in full swoon mode lately, touting Perry as "swaggering," "handsome and folksy," and insisting he's "refreshed his message, retooled his workout routine and retrained his sights toward the national stage." Meanwhile CNN's Peter Hamby claimed Perry is "completely underrated" as a 2016 contender. Why? Because "other than Chris Christie, it's hard to think of another Republican candidate with the kind of charm and personal affability, and frankly just good political skills, that Rick Perry has."

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Ken Hoop said...

None of the frontrunners in either major party are worth a vote as of now-I include Warren whose economic-finance positions are good but who unlike e.g.Kucinich would be is surrounded by neocon dual loyalists on her unofficial foreign policy team.