Saturday, July 12, 2014


I was really surprised that Laura Ingraham was so enraged about the child immigrants that she even upset Bill O'Reilly and that's not all - Ingraham also adopted a young girl from Guatemala in 2008:
Calling her trip to pick up her new daughter, Maria Caroline, 3, "the most amazing few days that I’ve ever spent in my life and the best thing I’ve ever done," conservative radio talk host, Laura Ingraham, 43, announced on her show that she recently welcomed a little girl from Guatemala.
The obvious conclusion is that Ingraham is only partially human and she's not the only on on the Right who's been saying terrible things about the children as Digby points out in this Alertnet article. Here's the highest rated comment about Michael Savage's ghost ghost story on WND:

Love the Obama propaganda spin, "fleeing violence in their homeland". It's Latino community activists busing minor children to the US border to enter illegally and grab huge Obama entitlements.
These minor children have been propagandized, educated and assisted to run TOWARDS OUR MONEY. These children are not running away from their homeland, they are being bused to our borders by undisclosed activists funded by our own government.
Obama's war on America continues.........

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