Tuesday, August 05, 2014


At least it seems that way to me.  I didn't think there was a racial angle to the 2 American Ebola victims but Fats did:
Tobacco Serum Saved Two White American Ebola Victims
August 05, 2014

RUSH: You know that magical serum that was given to two white Americans suffering from Ebola? You know what the magic ingredient is? Nicotine. Tobacco is the magical ingredient in the serum... Yesterday on this program, I -- your sensitive, ever-in-touch host -- posited that it wouldn't be long before we would hear people in the media saying, "Wait. Wait just a second. You have people dropping like flies with this disease in Africa, and you only took enough of this stuff for two white Americans, and you didn't give any to the native Africans who are dying in record numbers with this disease? What's with that? How in the world can you only give this to Americans? White Americans to boot! Why didn't you take enough for everybody?" Well, it didn't take five hours....

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