Monday, September 08, 2014


According to Tom Taylor NOW, the switch I noted below is all about ratings:
In San Francisco, Clear Channel and Cumulus agree – Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck belong on KSFO (560).
Friday’s announcement implies that both companies are better off with what they call the “radio trifecta” returning to Cumulus-owned talk KSFO – and that at least in San Francisco, CC’s takeaway of its Premiere talk trio just didn’t work for anybody. Clear Channel’s “Patriot 960” KNEW did a 0.7 share (age 6+) in the March Nielsens, then slipped to a 0.5 share by August. Listeners just weren’t finding their favorites, and Cumulus-owned KSFO wasn’t thriving, either. (It did a 2.1 back in March and now pulls a 1.7 share.)
I guess the fans of Limbaugh, et. al., aren't so into the gasbags that they were willing to follow them to another station.

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