Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I act Dutch but live in America:
Everyone’s a Critic, But Delivery Still Counts
1:36 pm ET
Sep 24, 2014
ByFrancesca Donner

According to Erin Meyer, a professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD, it depends who’s doing the criticizing.

If you’re Dutch, on the other hand, you’re much more likely to come out and say it like it is. The sheer directness might be enough to sever ties with that person altogether—unless the person receiving the feedback is also from the Netherlands. In the Netherlands you can give it straight as an arrow to just about anyone, even when that person is your boss. As long as you are calm and matter of fact with a friendly smile, that’s just being professional.

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Ken Hoop said...

Kucinich might have similar problems.