Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Mostly because the Lois Lerner "scandal" is as unreal as the Benghazi "scandal" but Mark Levin just mentioned (he comes on at 9 PM Tucson time) that Lerner had some thoughts about his audience which I find to be truthful. From page 2 of the POLITICO article:
Republicans, who earlier this year held her in contempt of Congress, accuse Lerner of using her position to push for audits and denial of tax-exempt status to Karl Rove’s Crossroads and other GOP groups.

They’ve released partial emails, including one after President Barack Obama’s reelection in which she and Miles bemoan far-right conservative talk radio, calling them “crazies” and “a—holes.”

The couple said the exchange was taken entirely out of context. Miles wrote the email after listening to callers on the “Mark Levin Show” rant about stockpiling food and guns to fight because Obama was going to run the country into the ground. Lerner, then in London, responded from her work email about hearing chatter about the U.S. being a broken system for its fiscal brinkmanship over the debt ceiling.

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