Sunday, September 21, 2014


That's how some conservatives describe Israel despite plenty of contrary evidence:
Russia's Ukrainian Adventure May Have Crippled Its Drone Program

By Rich Smith | More Articles
September 21, 2014 | Comments (4)
The Motley Fool

Aided by Israel, Russia is building a $9 billion drone air force. Or rather, Russia was building a $9 billion air force.

Six years ago, Russian ground forces, who were invading the sovereign state of Georgia on their southern border, found themselves flummoxed by Georgia's collection of unmanned aerial vehicles -- commonly referred to as "drones."

Within a year of the war's end, Russia had inked a $53 million deal to purchase two Bird Eye-400, eight I-View Mk150, and two Searcher Mk.2 drones from Israel Aerospace Industries.

A year later, Russia upped its purchase order by an additional $400 million worth of drones.

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"By the way, the Israeli decision to stop taking drone orders from Russia has more to do with the lack of Russia support for the illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, than our sanctions or Ukraine."