Saturday, September 27, 2014


karoli at Crooks & Liars took the time to look into Rush Limbaugh's station ratings in the top 25 markets and it's clear that Limbaugh's star has faded.  The format for the numbers is the local rating for the station carrying Limbaugh/the total number of local radio stations.
Here are Limbaugh's channel ratings in the top 25 markets for September, and they're not pretty:
  1. New York, NY: WOR-AM is 21st/37 (flagship station for the NY Mets), owned by iHeartMedia (formerly Clear Channel)
  2. Los Angeles, CA: KEIB-AM is 37th/45, owned by iHeartMedia
  3. Chicago WLS-AM is 23rd/45, owned by Cumulus Media
  4. San Francisco, CA: KNEW-AM is 29th/34, owned by iHeartMedia (Limbaugh being moved from iHeartMedia’s KNEW to Cumulus’s KSFO-AM. Darryl Parks’s post on this in the list of links, above)
  5. Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX: WBAP-AM is 18th/30 Cumulus
  6. Houston, TX: KTRH-AM is 16th/30, owned by iHeartMedia
  7. Washington, D.C.: WMAL-FM is 13th/29, owned by Cumulus
  8. Philadelphia, PA: WPHT-AM is 18th/31, owned by CBS Radio
  9. Atlanta, GA: WSB-AM is 3rd/29, owned by Cox Media
  10. Boston, MA: WRKO-AM is 15th/25, owned by Entercom Communications
  11. Miami, FL: WIOD-AM is 24th/33, owned by iHeartMedia
  12. Detroit, MI: WJR-AM is 9th/29, owned by Cumulus, and broadcasts Michigan State football games
  13. Seattle, WA: KTTH-AM is 22nd/33, owned by Bonneville Int’l., subsidiary of Deseret Industries, for profit arm of the Mormon Church:
  14. Phoenix, AZ: KFYI-AM is 6th/33, owned by iHeartMedia
  15. Puerto Rico: Was broadcast on WOSO, dumped in 2009, still hasn’t returned to their schedule as shown on website.
  16. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN: KTLK-AM is 16th/26, owned by iHeartMedia
  17. San Diego, CA: KOGO-AM is 22nd/30, owned by iHeartMedia
  18. Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL: WFLA-AM is 15th/29, owned by iHeartMedia
  19. Denver, CO: KOA-AM is 13th/33, owned by iHeartMedia
  20. Nassau-Suffolk, NY (Long Island): WOR-AM is 17th/38, owned by iHeartMedia (WOR-AM also covers New York City, largest market)
  21. Baltimore, MD: WCBM-AM is 15th/31, owned by WCBM Maryland
  22. St. Louis, MO: KMOX-AM is 1st/22, owned by CBS Radio
  23. Portland, OR: KEX-AM is 18th/27, owned by iHeartMedia
  24. Charlotte, NC: WBT-AM is 16th/24, owned by Greater Media
  25. Pittsburgh, PA: WJAS-AM wasn’t included in list of 15 stations. Limbaugh was moved there 8/7/14, and his old station flipped to a country format

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