Wednesday, September 10, 2014


were one of the top 3 threats to America and now I have to apologize to some Republicans because of one House representative, Justin Amash:
Not Every Republican Thinks We Should Listen to Dick Cheney on Iraq

By David Weigel
Sept. 9 2014 3:33 PM

But while McKeon had been around for a while, and supported the 2002 vote to move into Iraq, younger and more libertarian Republicans were no less critical of Cheneyism than they'd been before he entered the room.

"His [Dick Cheney] views don't reflect the views of most Republicans," said Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, talking to a small group of reporters, the Washington Post's Robert Costa asking most of the questions. "His worldview is that we should be in countries around the world, and have armed forces everywhere, and most Republicans don't agree with that."

Costa asked Amash if the GOP's hawks were making a comeback.

"No," said Amash. "Did you see my election?" It had only been a few weeks since he routed a more hawkish Republican, who accused Amash of being a friend of al Qaida.

After the other reporters moved on, Amash kept talking about the danger of listening to hawks who'd called for invading Iraq in 2002. "They have no credibility," he said. "The claims they made have been proven to be wrong. They helped destabilize the region, and now they're calling for greater use of force without any clear-cut strategy. That doesn't sound like something the American people will get behind."

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