Sunday, October 26, 2014


I'm starting think that America really is a nation of cowards because of the hysteria over Ebola and the hysteria over ISIS.  The latter had led too many Americans to forget how bad conservatives are at foreign policy, see here and here.


Ken Hoop said...

Hmmm...a nation of cowards....


JCDavis • 7 hours ago
"Wilentz, Packer and Kinsley," and on the other side, "Greenwald, Snowden and Assange"--it's like a couple of religions where you can have no more and no fewer than three prophets. But the real prophet is Russ Tice, who told us the core truth--that Cheney is the cancer at the heart of our government. That Cheney spied on everyone using Hayden's NSA and got the goods on them. Obama was one his victims, and thus it is no surprise that Cheney's foreign policy twin Bill Kristol called Obama "a born again neocon." It is no surprise that Obama employed so many neocons, protected neocon war criminals from prosecution, and is continuing attacking the countries on the neocon's 7-countries-in-5-years list. What is surprising is that everyone so completely ignores it. I suppose liberals cannot admit Cheney has done this because it means that their man is a coward, perhaps the biggest coward in American history."

Ken Hoop said...

Cannon has a good blast on the coward issue.