Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hirsh has a 4 page article on POLITICO that's basically comes straight from conservative talk radio, "Team of Bumblers?".   Hirsh writes as if there really was a "Benghazi scandal":
[Susan] Rice is rarely heard in public except when she very occasionally appears on the Sunday talk shows—and then more times than not, it seems, in a bumbling way. (Most recently, by saying Turkey would supply bases for strikes against ISIL, only to be undercut by Ankara’s denial hours later; that followed a much-criticized performance describing former Taliban captive Bowe Bergdahl’s Army service as “honorable” despite the murky circumstances of his disappearance and capture; and her now-infamous explanation of the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, after which she was blasted by Republicans for appearing to play down terrorism links.)


Ken Hoop said...

the scandal is the gunrunning and general intervention. (see Kucinich)

Ken Hoop said...

Speaking of talk radio:

" An aging and irrelevant format, self-important hosts with the same tired narrative each day, babbling about politics, Benghazi and the Kenyan national elected to the Presidency – twice"...

like Bill Cunningham calling him many times recently..."Barack Ebola?" after he helped elect him by his unflagging support for the failed and immoral Iraq War? (dooming the GOP
--and Cunningham's preferred Hillary.)

actually, it's unclear what Parks wants to replace talk radio with...unless it's a more liberal talk radio with less focus on the political.
then again, fans of Air America accused him of not promoting it and Parks ridiculed it as having Bush derangement syndrome as he, Parks was also promoting the Iraq war and all manner of faux patriotism during Parks reign at WLW/Clear Channel.

By mentioning Obama was elected twice Parks seems to be rubbing it in to the Hannity, Levin, Limbaugh crew as a sign of their irrelevance.
The truth, however is that Obama and McCain and Romney and Bush...George George W and Jeb?...are all war friendly and bankster friendly.
They are ALL Elitists.

To program a station which pushed relevant change, well there's nothing in Parks history to indicate he would want to take the risks associated with that, just as there was very little in Obama's Chicago history to indicate he was a anti-Elite in any meaningful way.
Parks as a ratings and revenue capitalist uber alles guy would tweak at best if he was as ballsy now as he purportedly was then.
It's evident by his avoidance of detailing just HOW the world has passed Hannity Limbaugh and Levin by.

Dynamic anti-elite political radio could work...but Parks, Limbaugh and Levin want no part of pushing that.
They all represent that initial reaction "populist" Cunningham had on air to the bank failure....the voice of the common man trembled they HAD to be bailed out...on the backs of the working class. And the immoral unwinnable wars HAD to be supported and cheerlead.
Ireelevant all, the sooner the better.

Steve J. said...

I liked Parks' coverage of the industry but I didn't know he supported the Iraq War.

Ken Hoop said...

At the end of the war (it really isn't over) he announced he had (privately) opposed it, meaning Lowry Mays had intimidated him into silence and helping organize pro-war rallies. Parks was not the type to do a Roxanne Walker
protest, defiance, get fired and emulate her lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Christ, or Rush?

Guy's a little naieve about mainstream Dems, but his heart's in the right place.

Steve J. said...

Anon - great link, thanx!