Sunday, November 09, 2014


The governor-elect has conflicting economic goals but that probably won't stop him and enough Republican legislators from overturning Medicaid expansion.  This is from Ducey's campaign site:
Controlling the cost of Medicaid expansion. The expansion of Medicaid as part of Obamacare receives significant federal money…for the first three years. After that the rules will change, and Arizona taxpayers may need to pay considerably more. As governor I will prepare for all scenarios, and I will not allow a massive new entitlement to grow into a huge financial burden for future generations of Arizonans. We will keep a lid on health care costs, period.
Helping those who truly need it. We want to care for our most vulnerable and needy citizens, and we want our health care options in Arizona to be the best in the nation. Medicaid is a program originally designed to take care of the destitute and disabled, but it’s now being expanded as a middle class entitlement. We need to focus our efforts on people who genuinely need the help and can’t do without it.

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