Sunday, November 16, 2014


This article about Valerie Jarrett is pure Villager BS because it's so fucking stupid.  Here's a good example:
And Jarrett is, in turn, our connection to the real Barack Obama. A decade after his ascent, there is still a basic unknowability about him, a puzzling gap between his talents and the public’s enthusiasm for his years in office. No wonder Jarrett inspires such fevered theorizing. She is the closest we have to a human decoder ringthe only person who can solve the mystery of why this president has left so many feeling so unfulfilled.
There really isn't any mystery if you look at the economics, as I posted below and as Ian Welsh pointed out here. If you don't find that convincing, read Prof. Petras' take on "The Conman." (h/t Ken Hoop)

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