Sunday, December 07, 2014


agreeing to come on the show is inexcusable because there's no way Landrieu could more votes out of this.
Dem Senator Hangs Up on Radio Host During Contentious Interview
by Josh Feldman | 2:54 pm, December 6th, 2014

Landrieu appeared on the radio with conservative host Jeff Crouere, who confronted her about her vote for Obamacare. The senator made it clear there were problems in the law, but she voted for it anyway.

But the interview was very contentious, with Landrieu telling Crouere rather sternly to let her finish at one point. When Crouere mentioned his tea party ties, Landrieu said, “I am really sorry you’re part of the tea party because they’re taking the country in the wrong direction.”

They kept going at it over Obamacare and whether it was actually President Obama‘s signature legislation (Landrieu argued it wasn’t), and Landrieu appeared to be cutting the interview off. She took one more question before saying, “Love you, man, love your family,” and hanging up.

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