Tuesday, December 02, 2014


I haven't checked but I imagine Gilbert, AZ has accepted Federal money for road work and many other services:
Is it morally right to help the poor? Gilbert anguishes
Editorial board, The Republic | azcentral.com 4:39 p.m. MST December 1, 2014

Gilbert is a member of the Maricopa HOME Consortium, a clearinghouse for local municipalities that accept federal grant dollars to provide affordable housing. The town has $375,000 in HOME Consortium dollars in its bank account — $175,000 left unspent from fiscal 2012-13 and $200,000 allocated this year.

...But it was clear from council discussions that the whole idea of federally subsidizing lower-income housing had become a morally suspect act among some on the council:

"While I believe we have a moral duty to care for the needy, I do not think I have the right to use the force of government to impose my moral values on others," Gilbert Councilman Victor Petersen told The Republic.
UPDATE: I went to Gilbert's website and found the budget for 2013-14. This is from page 286:
PM10 Paving
Project consists of paving various unpaved streets within the Town for compliance with air quality requirements.
Streets included in this project are: Recker Rd, Stacey Rd to Watford Ct (west side, 1/8 mi); 164th St, Riggs Rd
to Seville subdivision(1/2 mi); 164th St, Coldwater to Stacey (1/4 mi); 156th St, Riggs Rd to 1/4 mile south;
Coldwater, Val Vista Rd to EMF(1/2 mi); Ryan Rd, Greenfield to 1/2 mile east; Lexington/Bonanza Rd, 156th to
157th (1/8 mi); Walnut Rd, 162nd to 164th alignment (1/4 mi); Pecos Rd, EMF to Power Rd(1/4 mi).

14 Expenditures
14 Funding Sources
Federal Grant
Total Project Cost

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