Saturday, February 28, 2015


Now that he's quitting his radio show, we get to learn a little more about his past:
Yes, Droopy, you got the job

Roger Hedgecock announces departure from talk-radio show

By Ken Leighton, Feb. 24, 2015

On February 23, Roger Hedgecock, announced on the air that March 27 would be his last day hosting his nationally syndicated three-hour talk show on KFMB (760 AM). He started his career as a radio-show host soon after a campaign-funds scandal led to his resignation as San Diego mayor in 1995.

KFMB has been steadily losing ground to KOGO in the past six months since KOGO started focusing more on live news and less on syndicated talk shows. KOGO doubled its ratings since October and is now 13th in the Arbitron ratings among all listeners, eclipsing KFMB’s 18th place.

Hedgecock, who regularly implored listeners to “hold their feet to the fire,” said on Monday that he “reached a transition point in my life” and that he always “spoke as an American,” speaking up for the “role of the individual and the rights of private property…. When I started, people told me nobody wanted to talk about politics on the air. This was before Rush [Limbaugh] and Sean [Hannity]. It turns out a lot of people did.” (Note: Limbaugh began his talk-radio career in 1984.)

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