Monday, May 11, 2015


but this is still a very impressive poll result if it holds up:
Could Hillary Clinton win Arizona in 2016?
Dan Nowicki, The Republic | 9:02 p.m. MST May 9, 2015

Could Hillary Clinton turn traditionally red Arizona blue? The state leans toward the GOP candidates, but Clinton is holding her own against potential 2016 Republican opponents here, according to a new poll from a Democratic firm.

"Clinton is within 3 points in match-ups with 7 out of 9 of the Republicans we tested," Jensen wrote.

Christie would lead Clinton by 7 percentage points and Paul would lead her by 5 percentage points, the poll said. But Clinton trails Walker and Cruz by only 1 percentage point. She trails Rubio by 2 percentage points and Huckabee by 3 percentage points. She would tie Bush and Carson and leads Perry by 3 percentage points.

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Ken Hoop said...

Clinton is out, period. Sanders not good enough.