Thursday, June 25, 2015


Rush Limbaugh is so aware of his decreased relevance that he will mention it on the air -
They said, "He doesn't know what he's talking about. He's marginalized! Rush Limbaugh, he's an extremist. He's been marginalizing all of this stuff."
and this too:
And I said, given all of this, because it's not really about the flag. The flag provides the opportunity for the attack, the next thing that's gonna happen is the American flag will come under assault.

Well, Fox News the next morning on Fox & Friends, and we played for you the montage sound bite, all but Steve Doocy thought that I'd lost my marbles, or some variation of that. They thought I was crazy, it was senseless, because they had been swept up into this.
Even FOX News is no longer afraid to call out Fats Limbaugh:
Fox’s Gutfeld: ‘Fear Tactic’ for Limbaugh to Say They’re Coming for American Flag Next
by Josh Feldman | 5:41 pm, June 24th, 2015

Rush Limbaugh said yesterday that liberals won’t be satisfied with just taking down the Confederate flag and that they will come for the American flag next. Why? Because to Limbaugh, liberals hate America and all its traditions and want to see everything symbolizing that taken down.

Eric Bolling brought Limbaugh’s comment up today on The Five and Kimberly Guilfoyle agreed, asking, “When it is gonna be enough?”

Greg Gutfeld, however, said, “This is absurd… ‘They’re gonna take our flags’ is like a leftist saying ‘They’re gonna take my birth control pills.’ It’s a fear tactic.”
Limbaugh's local paper, the Sun Sentinel, also seems unafraid to state that the Emperor Has No Clothes:
Is Rush Limbaugh irrelevant?
By Gary Stein
June 25m 2015

There was a time when Rush Limbaugh was funny.

He was actually relevant, even. Perhaps the biggest name in talk radio. ANd he seemed to almost laugh at what he was saying.

His rantings would be quoted around the country. He became the face of many in the Republican Party. That may explain why the GOP can’t get back into the White House, but that’s another story.

The last few years, people have started to realize that a lot of what he says is dreck.

He is no longer funny.

And he is no longer relevant, except to the very low information folks who want to believe Rush is God.

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