Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Arizona is dominate by conservative Republicans at the state level so I expect this government employee to get attacked for accepting the fact of global warming.
Ducey: Don't punish Arizona for its water conservation
Brandon Loomis, The Republic | azcentral.com
10:13 p.m. MST June 9, 2015

Phoenix water services director Kathryn Sorensen said the state's water providers are starting to talk about a California threat. One potential area of concern is a California drought-relief bill now being envisioned in Congress.

"California has not shared what they're doing," she said.

Arizona is well positioned for drought because of its past planning," Sorensen said. "In an era of climate change, ironically one of the advantages that a desert city has is it knows it's limitations and plans for them."

That doesn't mean more work isn't needed to assure and conserve supplies, she said, and soon.

"Over the next couple of years things are going to get weird," Sorensen said.

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