Thursday, July 30, 2015


Conservatives love to implicitly accuse The Poors of cheating the welfare system so sveral states have instituted drug tests for welfare recipients. Back in February, Think Progress reported that this has been a FAIL in 7 states and yesterday there was an update about Arizona from public media:
Few Arizona Welfare Recipients Fail Drug Screen
Story by AZPM Staff
last updated July 29, 2015
By Phil Latzman, for Arizona Public Media

Arizona’s policy of drug testing the state’s welfare recipients is coming under increased scrutiny after recent figures suggest only a handful have tested positive.

In the six years since the policy was implemented, about 87,000 residents have been tested. According to the Arizona Department of Economic Security, which is in charge of the program, only five of those people have tested positive. In two of the five cases, the positive result was from medication legally prescribed by a doctor.

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