Sunday, October 11, 2015


Too many conservatives who are smart and well-educated seem like morons on too many issues.  Bobby Jindal is just the latest example:
RADDATZ: But how do you train rebels who were there to fight Assad to suddenly want to fight ISIS? That's the main problem with those Syrian rebels.
JINDAL: Well, no, Martha the Kurdish rebels, the Kurdish forces have been very effective at fighting ISIS in Kobani, in Iraq and elsewhere, but we're not providing them with modern arms. We're insisting on going through the Baghdad government. So -- and the Kurds have been a very effective force.
Secondly, we need to enforce that no-fly. We need to create a no-fly zone, working with our Turkish and other allies. Our Sunni allies want to do more, but they're not going to go after ISIS if that merely leaves Assad in power. they want want Assad in power. They don't want...
RADDATZ; Let's talk about a no-fly zone. ISIS doesn't have aircraft. So, what would that no-fly zone really accomplish? When has it really worked?

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Ken Hoop said...

Zionist chess master panics that Putin is going to liberate Palestine and the world from American/Israeli Police State slavery

Garry Kasparov: "Putin Will Win... Chaos... Total Destruction Of The World Order"
Posted on October 11, 2015

A discussion between a Fox News panel and Garry Kasparov, former world chess champion and domestic critic/challenger of Russian president Vladimir Putin, got heated on Sunday morning.

"Russian planes are there and America is in retreat!" said Kasparov. "Putin in one week, kicked America out of [Syria], Iraq and the Middle East."

"We've already seen renewed violence between Israelis and Palestinians, it is almost natural, when you see Obama snubbing Netanyahu and cozying up with Hezbollah bosses."

"The region is so explosive that [Putin] will win. Imagine something happens with Israel? Putin will win."

"What's he going to win? What's Putin going to win?" asks FNC's Alan Colmes.

"Chaos!" shouts Kasparov. "That's all he needs, total destruction of the world order... and Obama walks away."

"Do we need friends? How many years will it take for a new president to repair relations?" asks Kasparov. "It is very easy to destroy relations and lose trust."

"Thank goodness we have relations with Iran now!" says Colmes.