Saturday, October 10, 2015


but I can't recall the NRA being at all seriously involved with any effort to help prevent gun violence.
Rep. Martha McSally Sponsors Gun Registration Legislation
Story by Christopher Conover
last updated October 8, 2015
Arizona Public Media

Martha McSally’s bill ties gun registration and mental health issues. The proposal which has seven, bi-partisan co-sponsors reauthorizes the federal background check system and also “clarifies the scope of mental health records that states must share.”

The bill provides incentives for states to meet the data upload requirements.

In addition to gun purchase background checks, the bill provides for mental health pilot programs within the judicial system.

It also mandates training for law enforcement officers to help deal with people who are in a mental health crisis.

The proposal has the backing of the National Rifle Association and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
HR 3722 seems to be the bill.

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