Wednesday, November 04, 2015


Fats Limbaugh had an article published in the National Review in which he gave a chronological list of his professional achievements and there is a large gap in his list.  He jumps from 1995 to 2007 and I suppose we can infer that he believes he did nothing of consequence during that period, which covers the impeachment and trial of Pres. Clinton, 9-11 and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.


Ken Hoop said...

Limbaugh who began as a conservative populist/Perotista, switched to neocon and supported "moderate" warmongering, free trading/outsourcing Rethugs like Bush and Dole over antiwar protectionist Pat Buchanan each time the latter authentic conservative ran for prez. See Political Career

Not only supported them but called Buchanan left wing or liberal on war and economics so as to fool as many of his sheep as he could, and he did tremendous damage to traditional conservatism.

Limbaugh is a phony, as are all Israeli owned neocons and their fellow travelers.

Steve J. said...

called Buchanan left wing or liberal on war and economics I didn't know that - thanx!

Ken Hoop said...

and Dem voters would rather have a corrupt opportunist who voted for the Iraq War, threw Libya into jihad anarchy, wanted to do the same for Syria, calls Putin another Hitler like the cold warrior-ess she is, attacked hero Edward Snowden, voted for the workers to pay for the bankster bailout....Dems would rather have all that than the apocalypse the banksters and the m-i complex machine warned and warn us will happen if we didn't and don't do their bidding.

I don't see much to choose.