Tuesday, December 01, 2015


There were several broadcasts of Palestinians celebrating in Palestine, originally filmed by a Reuters TV crew.  (More here)  According to Wikipedia, there is a little doubt about authenticity of the filmed reaction.  Youtube has this clip of the celebration taken from US news sources.


Ken Hoop said...

I don't blame the Palestinians one iota. The losses they have suffered due to Zionist dominated US foreign policy were even then immeasurably larger than those of 9-11-2001.


Steve J. said...

I also don't blame them.

Ken Hoop said...

Steve Quayle was on Noory yesternite trumpeting Trump. Problem is this crank was on a few months ago saying dismissively and repeatedly to all callers and listeners of course, there was no way the GOP VIPs would allow Jeb Bush to lose the nomination.
This is only worth mentioning because Quayle is so arrogantly self-assured. I believe you have heard and commented on him in the past.
Now, he could have explained away his apparent and oft repeated error on the past referred show during a segment I missed. But I've never heard any humility from him so I doubt his miss on Bush was even mentioned. The Bush family seems to be formidably evil in his conspiracy theory;at least it was a few months ago.