Wednesday, January 13, 2016


She did a lot better than Jindal and Rubio but she hurt some extremist feelings when she criticized The Donald for his immigration remarks.  That drew rebukes from Carly Fiorina, Steve King, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin.


Ken Hoop said...

Did you miss the part where she promised a GOP president will by way of contrast with Obama, do a deal which will make Israel happy and Iran unhappy?
She's a symptom of much that is wrong with the GOP. Hates the Rebel Flag and loves Israel.
Considers herself both Sikh and Christian.
Makes a perfect "Christian" Zionist.

Steve J. said...

No, I missed that and I can't write that I'm surprised.

Anonymous said...

Commentary has a piece that seems to criticize Cruz for committing a major error playing into Trump's New York orientation, but not one which the Zionistas like. If you like check it out and tell me if I interpret correctly.

Ken Hoop said...

Cogent commenter.

"I wonder how many like me actively support the Trump campaign while giving money to Sanders?"

It's always been right and left anti-Empire populists against the corrupt Elite. We'll settle our own differences after the collapse.