Tuesday, January 05, 2016


They are supporting Saudi Arabia (see here and here) over Iran, the source of radical Islam, because the Saudis don't actively oppose Israel.  15 of 19 9-11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism has been supported by the Saudis for decades.  On the other side, Iran has been fighting Al Qaeda and the Taliban for over 15 years and helped the US during the initial stages of the Afghanistan war


Ken Hoop said...

The usual exception is Dan Larison.


Ken Hoop said...

Obama is a conservative also when it comes to Saudi/Israel. A moderate conservative compared to Lindsay Graham but still a conservative.


Ken Hoop said...


How about a recurring commentary on how neolibs choose Israel over America also, as a hint not to vote for Clinton (who enabled this) under any circumstances, perhaps opt for Jill Stein if necessary as Sanders would also if he truly cared about his own averred principals.

Anonymous said...


Bernie, if you can't beat Hillary, throw your support to Stein.

Anonymous said...

This kind of possibility and others related is why the Elite of both parties fears Trump.
Had never heard of this blogger and don't care from what particular angle he is coming from.
Why would it be good? The arrogant and corrupt and violent on a worldwide basis status quo of both parties needs utter dismantling.


"What if Trump can't win, but his accurate attacks on her make her unable to govern even her own party if elected? She could win by default in an ugly match and be a lame duck on the day she takes office."