Monday, February 15, 2016


This is from the Lexington columnist:
A key to this puzzle can be found on conservative talk radio. It is a world of its own, built around codes of tribal identity, grievance and scorn for The Other. Each day such radio stars as Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin or Glenn Beck describe a simple world, in which good guys would win and America’s foes tremble if only its rulers were braver (talk radio is keen on Mr Trump’s plan to bar Muslims from America, and likes Mr Cruz’s talk of carpet-bombing Islamic radicals). On talk radio Barack Obama is an America-hating, anti-white racist, and Republican Party bosses his collaborators. Even the advertisements seethe with paranoia, promoting gold coins as a hedge against economic collapse, or ammunition and survival provisions for those wishing to prepare themselves for civil unrest.

One way of summing up the crisis facing Republicans in 2016 is this. Mr Trump and Mr Cruz are each, in their own way, tribunes of talk-radio America. Mr Trump has the medium’s temperament down pat—one minute playing the snarling demagogue, and the next gleefully hurling schoolboy insults at rivals. Mr Cruz is a master of talk radio’s politics of insinuation, suggesting that Mr Obama has yet to defeat Islamic State not because that fight is complicated and hard, but because he is an “apologist for radical Islam”.

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they are all sickos.