Thursday, February 11, 2016


Matt Osborne has written one of the very best short political pieces I've ever read:
On Our Inevitable Disappointment With Bernie Sanders


Ken Hoop said...

If Sanders retreats on any of the core issues his core supporters are angry about and making idealistic suppositions about, are they more likely to take to the streets and elsewhere to force him to stay the course and even get tougher? (As his pro-Palestinian supporters have shown at least some signs of doing on Israel.)

Or are Hillary's feminist m-i complex Zionist hawk (Albright) led followers, deeply infatuated with their first-time heroine and already having forgiven (if it ever was a concern of theirs) her Iraq War vote, her gleeful assistance in rendering Libya into jihad anarchy and wish to do the same to Syria..her vote to bailout the banksters....are these more likely to angrily form a mass street movement and hit the streets when she merely continues her abject service to the m-i complex, Wall Street and Haim Saban's crowd?

I suspect Chris Floyd is not going to turn the lever for Clinton either and he is probably right if he infers ultimately a multiparty system is necessary to create meaningful change in the US.

Ken Hoop said...

More disappointment that Sanders is too ethno-nativist/populist friendly, I guess.
I mean for some multiculturalism trumps everything. Destructive folks.

Ken Hoop said...

Sanders Cold Warrioring is much more objectionable. In fact the USSR could be recreated
and if the US stayed out, devoting enough resources to protect itself and not Europe, it would have a better chance of having the resources money and will among the populace to create the kind of socialism Sanders wants. It cannot do both.

Steve J. said...

Ken - Thanx for the links!

Ken Hoop said...

A vote for Sanders or not is arguable. Here is "for"....with the reservation that unlike Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul who sponsored legislation against, he voted to continue war funding.

Anonymous said...

Sachs on Clinton evil.