Sunday, March 06, 2016


Her column about The Donald phenomenon is actually pretty good and includes some very well deserved zingers:
Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard wrote an outraged column about why there wasn’t more outrage at Trump, who correctly pointed out that Americans were deceived into a catastrophic war.

Kristol, the midwife to three debacles — Dan Quayle, Iraq and Sarah Palin — solicited suggestions for the name of the new party that Republicans will have to start if Trump secures the nomination. How about “Losers”?


Ken Hoop said...

The one thing Dowd doesn't get it is, Obama, good manners and all, played a key part in causing Trump. This is how.

Ken Hoop said...

if Trump gets past the Zionist globalist job outsourcing Israel worshipping oligarchs

He should hit Hillary again and again with this.....

"Hillary, who had hesitated at first to jump on the bandwagon during the Egyptian events, made up for lost time in Libya. She “pressed for a secret American program that supplied arms to rebel militias, an effort never before confirmed,” the Times reports. Those arms would be used to attack a CIA outpost in Benghazi, where Ambassador Stevens would fall at the hands of these very militiamen."

if this failed warmongering Wall Street agent is the best the corrupt Democrat party machine can offer, bring on the boorish wild card the dual loyalists seem to be worried about.

Anonymous said...

Palestine blogger: Trump preferable to Clinton.

Ken Hoop said...

Were I for Sanders, I would definitely be in the hard core which is getting so much flack from the sociopathic elitists who defend turning Libya into an anarchial bloody jihad haven.